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Gelsinger Meats has been in the meat business for over 80 years. ---- Meatloaf1 (large) Over the years we have created a variety of specialty meat items, such as our famous Pinwheel Steaks, homemade Meatloaf, Teriyaki Chicken Kebobs, and gourmet Sausages.  We offer these specialty meats and more at Gelsinger's Amber Road.

---- sausages (large)Stop by and check out our selection of specialty meats:

   Beef - Select cuts of USDA Choice Black Angus Beef and other specialty beef products
   Poultry - Our famous Teriyaki Chicken Kebobs and Chicken Broccoli Quiche
   Pork - Thick, Center-cut Pork Chops and Baby Back Ribs
   Sausages - A variety of made-in-house, gourmet sausages

Looking for something in particular?  Give us a call and ask, we take special orders!